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Woodland Kiss Earrings

Woodland Kiss Earrings

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Prepare to be enchanted by our gorgeous Woodland Kiss Earrings -- a truly magical creation! These earrings are like a delicate dance of abstract pink, red, and lavender dots, accented by a pretty wood accent piece.

At a dainty 2.25" drop, these earrings are perfect for adding a whisper of charm to any outfit. 

Our artisans have lovingly handcrafted these earrings, using the finest cork, lovely leather, and warm wood. The result is a pair of earrings that not only look stunning but also carry a sense of grace and refinement.

With their whimsical dot pattern, the Woodland Kiss Earrings evoke the enchanting essence of a serene forest, where every step unveils a new secret. The wood accent pieces adds a rustic touch, as if whispering tales of nature's embrace.

Treat yourself or someone dear to your heart with these pretty earrings. They're the perfect companions for your journey through life.

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