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Burst of Energy Earrings

Burst of Energy Earrings

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Our Burst of Energy Earrings are all about living life in full color and style -- handcrafted with love from cork and leather to bring a burst of personality to your look.

When you put on these chandelier-style stunners, you're not just wearing're wearing daily mood lifters! 

There is a color party going on with these. The bold royal blue backdrop is gorgeous, and it's jazzed up with several shades of blue. Throw in some lavender, mustard, and red...just wow. Metallic gold and white accents add a touch of bling that catch the light just right. And of course we can't have a pair of chandelier earrings with leopard print, right??

These Burst of Energy Earrings are your reminder that life is meant to be lived in color! Wherever you're headed, turn heads and spread smiles. Wear them, flaunt them, and get ready to own the day in these fab earrings!

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