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Cranberry Floral Earrings

Cranberry Floral Earrings

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Let me show you our Cranberry Floral Earrings -- a delightful blend of handcrafted elegance and the beauty of nature. These charming 2-inch drop earrings are carefully made with cork and genuine leather, and they hold a special place in our hearts.

The inspiration behind these earrings comes straight from nature's enchanting beauty. A half-moon geometric shape in rich cognac leather, then a pretty piece decorated with vintage roses in delicate blush and rust, set against a clean white backdrop and sprinkled with bits of evergreen foliage -- these earrings are gorgeous.

These earrings reflect our dedication to quality and a genuine love for what we do. They are a piece of nature's grace, wrapped in vintage rose beauty, and ready to share the magic with you.

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