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Don't You Dare Earrings

Don't You Dare Earrings

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Check out our Don't You Dare Earrings -- the wild child of our earring family! These lovelies come in 2 sizes in a fabulous square-tiered style. In a sassy python print in mustard and black, you are going to LOVE wearing these!

Whether you're feeling a bit of wild charm with the 2-inch ones or want to go all-out rebel with the 3-inch pair, these earrings have got your back. Handcrafted with love and a side of sass, they bring a fierce edge to your classic style.

These earrings are your ultimate fashion daredevils. Pair them with a leather jacket or use them to add a pop of daring to your mustard sweater and jeans. It's all about having fun and being fabulously you!

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