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Lift & Lengthen, Lennie Tubing Mascara

Lift & Lengthen, Lennie Tubing Mascara

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A vegan tubing mascara specially-formulated to prevent smudging and flaking. Nourishes and improves the appearance of your natural lashes for lifted, lengthened, and all-day definition. 

Enjoy an exciting, new way to enhance and add color to your lashes with Lift + Lengthen Tubing Mascara from Red Aspen! Formulated to help prevent smudging and flaking, this mascara is packed with hair-healthy ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid and Shea Butter to nourish and improve the appearance of your lashes, all while adding a lifted, lengthened, and defined look that lasts all day! Step into your best-ever lashes with a silicone wand that perfectly wraps mascara around each individual lash for a lifted and lengthened look that’s sure to turn heads. 

1. Press the wand at the base of your top lashes and pull out in a zigzag motion. 
2. Repeat this motion along your lashes to cover every lash. 
3. To remove, saturate your fingers or a cotton pad with warm water, let the water soak in your lashes for 30 seconds, then slide tubes down and off your lashes. 
4. As an alternate removal option, use standard makeup remover to gently slide the tubes down and off your lashes. 

Pro Tip: Use multiple layers of mascara for more lift and a more dramatic look. Focus application at the base of your lashes to help define and separate thin, short lashes. The silicone wand is especially helpful in this.
❤ Hyaluronic Acid to help hydrate and nourish your lashes at the same time, promoting fuller, stronger, and longer lashes. 
❤ Shea Butter to condition your lashes during wear, improving their appearance.
❤ Panthenol (Vitamin B5) to help lock in moisture, help protect your lashes from breakage, and add natural-looking sheen.
❤ Natural Wax Blend to help promote volume, with Copernia natural fruit wax to lengthen and extend the look of your lashes.
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