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Strike Zone Earrings

Strike Zone Earrings

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Get your game face on with our Strike Zone Earrings! These fun earrings come in 2 sizes: 2.5" drop or 3" drop. They're handcrafted with love and sporty vibes, featuring baseball lace leather for the bottom layer because who doesn't love a little game day charm??

We're all about customization, just like your game strategy. Owning your team colors is a must, so we've got customized layers in the spotlight. The pics show off an all red option and a maroon and gray/silver option, but guess what?? You can bring up to three of your team's colors to the party. Just specify your color combo in the box when you order.

These earrings are a great snag. Since they come on a hoop, you can mix and match the layers to wear them 7 different ways!

Sure, game day is prime time, but these earrings know how to work it 24/7. From tournaments to coffee runs, these earrings will be your best friends all throughout the season. Score major style runs and grab your pair today!

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