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Sunlit Feather Earrings

Sunlit Feather Earrings

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These Sunlit Feather Earrings...they're like a burst of sunshine hanging from your ears! Handmade with love, these earrings are all about bringing earthy charm and a pop of vibrant style to your life.

These are a slender feather shape that dances with your every move, giving you that extra flair to slay your day. They drop at a perfect 2.25" length, you you'll be wearing these EFFORTLESSLY.

We've crafted these earrings with top-notch high-quality leather -- three layers of it! This adds layers of texture that'll make you feel like a boho queen. 

Mustard yellow brings those sunshine vibes, radiating warmth wherever you go. Paired with a mesmerizing jade turquoise, you've got yourself a match made in earring heaven.

Whether you're brunching with friends, spending the day at work, or heading out for a fun family outing, these earrings have your back. Grab your pair today.

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