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Velvet Rose Bar Earrings

Velvet Rose Bar Earrings

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You will LOVE our gorgeous Velvet Rose Bar Earrings! These are the earrings you'll want to wear every single day, no matter the season. They're all about that relaxed charm and effortless style.

They come in our customer-favorite bar shape that adds a touch of class while keeping things easy going. They are 2.25" long--a perfect size for almost everyone. And the color? It's like the perfect jewel tone that plays well with all the seasons.

These earrings are your trusty sidekicks, whether you're hustling at work, chilling on weekends, or enjoying fall's crisp air. Throw them on with your favorite cozy sweater, and you're good to go. They're the kind of earrings that instantly make any outfit better.

The Velvet Rose Bar Earrings are like that secret ingredient that makes your daily routine feel a little more special, a little more you. Grab your pair today!


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