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Vintage Pink Rounds

Vintage Pink Rounds

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You are going to LOVE these fabulous Vintage Pink Rounds! They are a flirty dusty blush pink shade with that extra oomph of metallic bronze and gold distressing. Talk about a combo that's going to turn heads and make your friends go "WHERE did you get those??"

We've got options! You can choose between two sizes -- smalls are 1.75" long, perfect for a touch of sass, and if you're feeling a bit extra, the larges are 2.75" long to really make statement. You do you, boo!

You know what? These Vintage Pink Rounds are so hot, they practically fly off the shelves! They're the crowd's favorite, and we totally get why. They've got that certain je ne sais quoi that's hard to resist. 

Whether you're slaying a party or just wanna add some chic to your casual vibe, these earrings are the bomb dot com. Get them now!!

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