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Wild Fall Days Earrings

Wild Fall Days Earrings

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You will love our Wild Fall Days Earrings -- a heartfelt homage to the autumn season. They echo the essence of fall with rich textures, vibrant layers, and warm colors. Lovingly handcrafted from genuine leather, they feature 3 layers on a hoop. They can be removed and mixed and matched and stacked 7 different ways! They will adapt to your mood and outfit with options perfect for fall and for all 4 seasons.

Choose your size: small for a subtle 1.5" drop, or large for a bold 2" statement. 

Our Wild Fall Days Earrings are a reflection of autumn's rich and warm hues. From dark distressed brandy leather to gorgeous pumpkin orange and stylish white leopard leather, these colors capture the essence of the season.

So as you stroll the the autumn forest, savor pumpkin spice lattes, or gather around a cozy bonfire, wear our Wild Fall Days Earrings. Celebrate the season's wild beauty!

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