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Yay Sports Tee

Yay Sports Tee

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Ok y'all. This might just be one of our all-time, absolute favorite, most amazing graphic tees EVER. It's our "Yay Sports" Tee! We're giving a nod to sports, whether you're a busy sports mom in the car all day every day chauffering your precious children to ALLLLLLLL their games and practices, a teacher wrangling/loving on/cheering on all your rowdy kiddos, or just nailing the art of adulting.

This tee...this tee is fabulous. First off, it's a charcoal gray Bella Canvas, so you KNOW it'll fit well and be super comfy. And the "Yay Sports" on the front? It's our wink to allll the sports frenzy this time of year. And you know those fuzzy applique letters that are soooo cute, so expensive, and EVERYWHERE right now?? We've one-upped that. Printed letters that won't weigh you down or make your wallet cry! It's a win-win for comfort and savvy shopping.

Y'all, this tee is a STEAL! Whether you're a sports mama, a teacher extraordinaire, or just a fan of alllll the sports, you're going to want this!

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